Reading will not help you change
the world, but your view of it for sure.


ur objective is to publish books that broaden common knowledge through combining popular science approach with in-depth thinking about our society. We want to offer attractive books, both in terms content and aesthetics. We divide them into 3 series.



Books bringing content strengthening our hope in a better world. Through their constructive and therapeutic they should remind the reader that higher good still exists.



New translations and reprints of older works, that have never lost relevance or found it again. Foreword by a contemporary expert connecting relevant contexts.



Ideas from abroad that have the potential to bring innovative and possibly controversial ideas.

About us


e are an independent cooperative publishing house with the objective of bringing alternative visions, theories and ideas into the public debate. Our priority is to connect multiple disciplines from economics and sociology to philosophy and politology, keeping in mind that no isolated science is capable to take sufficient account of society's challenges and the environmental limits.

We wish to live in a world where the value of a human being is not determined by their wealth or bank account balance, but rather their capacities, talents and dreams. To develop and strengthen our community based on values such as solidarity, trust and understanding is our main priority. We like to create and learn new things together, take pleasure in work well done, the more so if it stimulates intellect and aesthetics.

Why a cooperative?
The cooperative movement has a long tradition reacting to the growing pressure of capitalism widening the inequality gap. Be it through consumer or production cooperatives, individuals have self-organised and founded associations built along equality and solidarity. Until today, cooperatives are a vibrant business model that allows to put people over profit. Get to know more about the cooperative principles here.


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